Injection Molding Processing Data

20,000 accurate plastics material data sheets from 100 suppliers


Ready when you are!

All of your processing information now fits in your pocket! Access to important data is always present on your mobile device and ready to go when and wherever you need it.


Processing information from more than 100 material suppliers!

We've done the heavy lifting so you don't have to. Detailed processing information has been gathered from more than 100 North American resin suppliers.

If you buy your plastic from resin distributors like Polyone, Nexeo, Channel Prime, ENTEC or Chase Plastics, Mobile Specs will have the processing information you need.


Lightning fast searching!

Our innovative search engine allows you to simply type what you are looking for then instantly view results. Search for supplier, product, family or grade - your choice!


Always up to date!

Our engineering team is constantly updating the Mobile Specs database. The app automatically stays current.